Who are we?

Now we know like Giuseppe Giovetti – a.k.a. Peppino - who in 1927, after serving an apprenticeship at the studio photo Luxardo in Milan, decided to open one of his own, in a street in the center of Mantua; he believed that that craft, which was still fairly uncommon, was a good way to start and maintain a family.

Then 1989, came, the year in which one of the practitioners of the craft, Bruno Giovetti, felt he had to give up using scissors, glue, enlargers and darkrooms in the graphic design department ( a department which only came into existence later). He reduced his photolithography and photocomposition operation and began using a mysterious object: a computer, a Machintosh 128K.
And the certainties about what we were and what our job was started to fade!
"Whenever did I do such a thing?!" is repeatedly heard thundering through the premises housing our company even today, with the certainty, however, that he never would have bartered his nervous breakdown for a quieter life.

And with this same entrepreneurial spirit, the first digital camera back to land in Italy directly from the USA arrived on site in 1995! Nobody had ever used one, not even those who sold it to us and we realized that immediately: endless surprises, the lighting system to be thrown away and redone, scientific studies into the laws of additive and subtractive color had to be held, there were furious quarrels with printers who didn’t understand the spoken language of our films, that emerged as survivors from diabolical creaky developer rollers???, pollutants and encrusted beyond belief. We thought about hiring a psychiatrist or rather a guru to show us the bright side of those disasters that cost money, sleepless nights and desperation, not to mention the derision that we'd like to remind our then critics of now.

And there was a bright side actually because no one knows better than those who lived through those moments of transition, like Severino and Marco – those currently continuing the process - what digital photography is and appreciates its tricky industrial nature, even before its artistic one. Others after Giovetti have always been driven by their inherent need to set and hold the record in the league table and to stand on the very tips of their toes to see the sun just a moment before anyone else and take off in a flying start as soon as the business impulse pushed them toward discovering of something new: a new idea, a new technology, a market need to be exploited so they can achieve this new goal and are able to still say things like they once did: "From today we won’t develop slides anymore, for the simple reason that we no longer use them!"

Who are we? We are everything we have remembered, what we carry with us, we are the history of nearly 100 years of image communication, which still we love to live at any cost... with a passion.

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